Jandl Website

Jandl, website redesign

Jandl is the largest Slovak ad agency. I have helped them to redesign their company website from provided graphic layout. The site is fully responsive with some custom functions. www.jandl.sk

Atlas komunít

Atlas komunít, website

Atlas komunít is about communities of migrants in Slovakia, their culture, habits and food. I have created a responsive website based on commercial theme, which had to be adjusted. mic.iom.sk/atlas/

Delikatesy, teasers

For my foodblog delikatesy.sk I’ve created a few teasers and graphics including foodstyling, photo editing and copywriting. Teasers were used in social media.  

Zoom Kulinária, magazine section

Since February 2010, I’m writing a 1-page food section for Madam Eva, a monthly women’s magazine. Mostly I write about food events, news, interesting sites and sometimes I feature a special recipe too.

Teaser for coffee series

Soon I’m lauching a new coffee project called Coffee Heavy Industries. First appearance will be at this year’s Coffee Fest in Bratislava, Sheraton Bratislava Hotel.

Trend Reštaurácie

Trend Reštaurácie, website redesign

Trend is a weekly business magazine with long history in restaurant reviews. They are published yearly as a guidebook and have their own section in magazines’ website. I have redesigned the Restaurants section as well as coded the CSS for the new site. http://restauracie.etrend.sk