Liptov, tourist and food guides, 2011

Liptov is a producer of traditional Slovak cheese. Together with Miro Kubečka, foodstylist and photographer we have designed 3 brochures with recipes, tutorials and guides.  Brochures were part of product packaging in supermarkets.

IOM, multilingual publications

International Organization for Migration in Slovakia is publishing materials for migrants in several languages, like Arabic, Armenian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Hindi and many more. My job was to create appealing design and to work with special fonts.

Seldo, business-card

The client did not want to go into color, so I had to find other possibilities to make the design stand out. Since the company logo of Seldo is playful enough, I have decided to use it as an ornament on the background.

Z druhého brehu, Hoteliér

Hotelier is a Slovak magazine for professionals from the food and travel industry. For this magazine I write a regular column called “From the other side”. Having experience with restaurant reviews and community feedback helps me to articulate problems of the industry.

Zoom Kulinária, Madam Eva

Madam Eva is a Slovak lifestyle magazine for women. I’m maintaining a regular 1 page food section, writing about food trends, interesting utensils, events and more.

Syry Marcello, cheese shop, Nitra

A small static website for a boutique cheese shop in Nitra, Slovakia. Part of the job was to create panoramatic photos of the shop and foodstyling too. Unfortunately, the shop had to close recently.

Pavel Sibyla, writer

Pavel Sibyla is a journalist and writer. He wanted a simple site with minimal design, that he could manage himself. Using WordPress and Manifest theme he can now write about his books.