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Safe Travelling, website

International Organization for Migration (IOM) Bratislava had a static website Bezpečné cestovanie (Safe Travelling) to raise awareness about risks of trafficking when traveling to unknown destinations. They wanted to be able to manage their site on their own, plus add a few extra functions. After deploying WordPress for this job, we also added a Travel Checklist, that visitors can either print out or send to their email. There is a number of useful information together with easy searchable addresses. The site is fully responsive.



Regional food festival in Nitra

Nitra Tourism Board asked me to help organize a food festival. The previously used name for this event was Strawberry Nitra, this year we added Festival of tastes. Part of my job was to create a new concept for this large event, by picking only local gastronomy businesses. Communicating with media, public relations and works on social media were also part of the concept.

Graphic works were done by a creative studio, but I have created a microsite with map of all event info and visitors brochure.




fnk2015-brozurka-web (PDF)


Maintaining the concept also this year, I have prepared the whole gastronomy part of the event. From handpicking special product, communicating with restaurants, advertising them on social media as well as staging the festival area and solving all technical issues related with it.


Ateliér VKMK, architects

The architects at Ateliér VKMK had a very specific idea on how their website should look like. I helped them to find an easy solution, which did not take too much energy to maintain. The website was built out on WordPress and a customized theme.

Pavel Sibyla, writer

Pavel Sibyla is a journalist and writer. He wanted a simple site with minimal design, that he could manage himself. Using WordPress and Manifest theme he can now write about his books.